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Trotsky's Daughter

In mid-20th-century Paris, Natasha the daughter of a high-ranking Trotskyite, enters a life-changing romance with Pierre, a dashing non-believer. The forbidden relationship sends seismic waves through their families and the next generation.


1990’s: Helene (30s) finds a photo of her mother who disappeared when she was 3yrs old and was never spoken of. She posts the photo in a newspaper and asks if anyone knows any of the people in the photo. She gets a reply from Stephane. Thus starts an investigation into what happened to their parents, and how their story has affected their lives. 1960’s: Natasha falls in love with Pierre, but her Trotskyite father objects to the marriage. Their lives unfold in different directions, until a decade later when they meet by accident at an amateur tennis tournament. Tragedy ensues, and guilt burns away at those left behind causing their children (Helene, Stephane), to grow up under a cloud of shame and secrecy. The photo – is the first clue to unravelling the secret world of their parents, in the reveal comes new despairs but eventually redemption for the generation left behind.


Anna Karenina in the vein of Wes Anderson; An epic centred around a female protagonist, with a sprinkling of surrealism and absurdity. With a double timeline.


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