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Have you been to Magaluf?

I heard of a ghost

that frequents Magaluf

so I went to the coast

to seek out my proof

The promenade was busy mind you

with feral cats strolling two by two

dogs howling with delight

at a faulty neon light

It still smells of rot

but the old guard is not

Bittersweet victory still

for a skyline of prefab infills

Bird poo everywhere

did they fear to shit when the stags were here?

My skin crawls

how did we have the gall?

Boarded bars rust n’ blister

a foreign sound, a Spanish whisper

two sisters take an evening stoll

past captain Hook and Barbie dolls

It tastes of stale grease

this walled ghetto from peace

a heavy air of sin and shame

is that why this itch won’t be tamed?

'cause we'll forever be to blame

for this fief of vice that made for fame

etched on the island’s soul forever

the package holiday of pleasure

But a stone has been lifted

the maggots have slid away

Mallorcan moss n’ weeds grow

where the neons once did glow


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